Visit the Great Barrier Reef at our Beach House

If you’re looking to visit the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll need a place to stay! Bedarra Beach House offers the most comfortable and relaxing place to unwind with all the excitement of a fun filled vacation each evening. Stay in our two pavilion house equipped with a full set of linens, complete kitchen appliances and cookware, and a washing machine. We offer a master bedroom, Roman bathtub, and a deck to look out at two private beaches leading into the Coral Sea.

Our beach house offers the ultimate in comfort with plenty of activities to fill the day. Explore our island with guided tours at Bedarra Resort, or go kayaking, fishing, or snorkelling on your own, or be taken out over the Great Barrier Reef. This beach house is the best way to relax after the day. Our little Garden of Eden offers an oasis away from stress and allows our guests to go home feeling deeply rested.

Enjoy the lush tropical scenery, soak your feet at the shore of the Coral Sea on private white sandy beaches, or go sailing over crystal waters and know you can come home to a beautifully furnished rustic beach house. Be sure to bring something to read, but don't worry about towels or other household items. We'll even handle the hassle of groceries if specified so you can worry less. Whether you’re on your way to Mission Beach, prefer the private beaches on the island, or you’re going to see the Great Barrier Reef, our beach house is the perfect place to stay.