Fact File

An East Bedarra Island retreat promises sun-soaked shores and palm-dotted horizons. Nothing undermines that promise faster, though, than an improperly planned trip - which is why we suggest taking advantage of our handy Fact File. Ensure perfect days in Queensland with these few simple suggestions.

What to Wear

When arriving at the Bedarra Island Beach House, guests must first wade through the shallow waters to reach the shore. It’s recommended, therefore, to bring appropriate footwear (such as sandals, flip-flops, or swim shoes) to make this boat-to-beach transition easier.

Guests should also note that, while a Bedarra Island Resort holiday delivers ample sun and sand, winter evenings can prove quite cool. Bring a jumper or two!

What to Pack

The Bedarra Beach House provides all the comforts of home - and so lugging endless suitcases, satchels, and carriers simply isn’t necessary. We suggest adopting a less is more philosophy.

When preparing for a visit to our Bedarra Island villa consider bringing only:

  • Casual Clothing (shorts, tees, tops, etc.).
  • Toiletries.
  • Accessories (hat, camera, sunscreen).
  • Entertainment Options (books, magazines, iPod).
  • Groceries.

Our Bedarra Island accommodation - with its gourmet kitchen, quality linens, votives, and more - allows guests to arrive with nothing more than a duffel and a smile.

What to Expect When Arriving at Bedarra Island Resort

An East Bedarra Island retreat offers peace and privacy. Guests won’t find themselves completely isolated, however. Instead, our dedicated caretakers will offer greetings to everyone, assisting with luggage and orientation. They’ll happily answer any questions regarding the house or local attractions, and a quick phone call will provide guests with the help they need:

  • Bedarra Beach House: 07-4068-9689
  • House Manager:
  • Island Caretakers: 07-4068-8001
  • Owners (Anne & John): 04-1995-3354


Cooking at the Bedarra Beach House

Our Bedarra Island accommodation boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen, allowing guests to create delicious dishes. We understand that these dishes often require extensive ingredients - which is why we provide a fully-stocked pantry, complete with dry goods and condiments. Use these to transform every meal into an event.

We respectfully request that guests don’t overload our fridge. While its 300-litre size provides ample space for cold-stuffs, we suggest that items that don’t require refrigeration (such as bottled water, bread, or certain vegetables) be placed in the pantry. This ensures that the machine isn’t over-burdened.

Making a Call from the Bedarra Island Beach House

We only allow local calls. Numbers that our guests may find useful are:

  • Mission Beach Charters (Adele & Stuart): 07-4068-7009
  • Water Taxi: (Nancy): 07-4068-8310
  • Woolworths 07-4068-8978

How to Conserve Power

Our Bedarra Island villa utilises solar power. Because of this, we encourage guests to conserve energy whenever possible. Turn off lights when exiting a room, limit hot baths and showers to lessen the system strain, and avoid excessive gadget usage (including running the TV throughout the day or perpetually charging devices).

How to Conserve Water

Water is our most precious resource. Our house has a very large rain water capture system, with approximately 100,000 litres stored in tanks in and around the house. Hot water is solar heated, but it will run out if you fill a bath in the evenning, as no solar heating will occur until the sun rises the next day. If extended period of overcast conditions occurs, be mindful of the hot water and limit your consumption.

How to Remove Waste

Waste accumulation is inevitable - and disposing of that waste is essential. Guests are responsible for their own trash removals during any Bedarra Island Resort holiday. Gather all food, plastic items, paper items, and more into bags once the trip has ended and bring them back to the boat. They will then be transported to the mainland.

Remember: trash will only spoil the beauty of Queensland. Don’t leave it behind.

Accessing the Internet

Tranquility defines every day at the Bedarra Island Beach House,but we know that our guests still crave the connectivity. Bedarra Beach House is now connected to the NBN via satellite. The Telstra network is receivable at our house from the mainland, ensuring telephone reception during your stay.

Guests should note that weather can affect the satellite reception. 4g reception is available from the mainland as a backup.

Snakes: A Warning

The island plays hosts to many creatures - including snakes. Guests should, therefore, take caution while exploring. Be mindful of every step, choose heavy-soled shoes, and consider wearing daks or jeans when discovering the Queensland trails.

Emergencies: Taking Action

Should an emergency occur, immediately contact our team for assistance.

What to Expect During Departure

When departing our East Bedarra Island, guests can expect a warm goodbye from our caretakers - as well as assistance with their belongings, waste items, and more.