Things To Do

Bedarra is a place of relaxation for the body and rejuvenation of the mind. Here are some ways to relax and enjoy your stay, so please take in the natural beauty of this tropical island hideaway because it is the perfect romantic retreat where peace and serenity are paramount.


There are two private beaches only 2 minutes walk from the house; Doorila Bay (South or front beach) is a place where dreams are made with Coconut Palms and granite boulders fringing the perfect crescent beach. This is the best beach for swimming and relaxation whilst, Coomool Bay (North or back beach) is protected from the southerly trade winds and at high tide is like a turquoise lagoon. Snorkelling is usually good around the rocks. There are two sun lounges on the beach at Doorila Bay for your comfort.


Is a great way to explore the islands secluded beaches whilst burning off last nights indulgence. There is a tandem Viking kayak with viewing port holes and life jackets provided for your use at Doorila Bay. Make sure you leave the kayak above the high tide mark in the trees throughout your stay. If you are adventurous and fit you can circumnavigate the island in 2-3 hrs. If you plan this adventure make sure you let someone know before you go and take plenty of water in the backpack.


In paradise... an esky and backpack are provided.


Perfect all year round as the languid waters are clear, warm and safe.

Meditation and solitude

The lookout is the perfect place, on the far easterly point with stunning views. It's a short 10 minute walk from the main path junction, passing the caretakers house on the left. There are two spots, easily explored. Please do be careful as it is a LONG way down.

Walks and Wanders

There are a number of short walks with stunning views. There is a nice exploratory walk at low tide towards the west, around the rocks and beaches to the old Bedarra Hideaway Resort. This property is closed and as it is private you should not venture into the resort itself. You can only safely do this adventure two hours either side of low tide. Approximately two hours return. Whilst the locals are friendly the paths around the houses at East Bedarra should be used with respect to other residents privacy.

Sunset drinks

A must! My favourite place is on the rock/point you can see from the house towards the northeast. There's a small track, which is accessed, on the right when heading down to the back beach. Take care to come back with some light as it is easy to lose your way.

Scenic boat tour, picnic, fishing or sunset cruise

Consider Mission Beach Charters. Call Jason or Bec on Ph 07 4068 7009. Will do island transfers.


Call Mission Beach Dive, Ph 07 4068 8240, website: for Great Barrier Reef diving, reef snorkling and jet ski tours.


For those that must catch their own dinner, the waters are abundant. The caretaker would be happy to show you his secret spots. (Equipment is not supplied.)