For a Unique Holiday Enjoy the Comforts of an Eco-Friendly Beach House Near Mission Beach

Beautiful white beaches, turquoise waters, and green rainforests – what better way is there to spend a holiday? Enjoying everything that the world has to offer by spending time in a beach house near Mission Beach, a prime spot for nature lovers with its location near the Great Barrier Reef, also brings other things to mind. That is the importance of protecting the world around us. This is precisely why so many individuals seek out accommodation that makes them feel responsible for their choices. Clean, sustainable, environmentally friendly lodging is a fantastic opportunity that can help you feel even more in tune with your natural surroundings, and there is an excellent option right around the corner.

If you’re looking for a beach house near Mission Beach that can help you prove your commitment to the environment, look no further than Bedarra Beach House. This beautiful beach house, located on a private island, has an Eco Tourism certificate. In addition to being entirely solar powered, it uses collected rainwater and has other features that contribute to its ability to be a sustainable accommodation.

And just because it's an environmentally conscious choice doesn't mean that you have to feel as if you are roughing it. This is an incredibly comfortable, luxurious beach house with amenities including a hot tub, LCD TV and Blu-Ray player, and more. Guests enjoy access to two secluded beaches shared with only a few other residences on the island, which makes this a memorable getaway and an experience that is truly once in a lifetime. To learn more, browse the Bedarra Beach House site today.