Enjoy Your Stay at our Bedarra hideaway

Bedarra Beach House provides a large, spacious, and ecofriendly house, stunning views, and sparkling seas are just some of the many luxurious features of this island beach house off of North Queensland, Australia. This beach house provides the ecofriendly tourist or the stressed traveller with a tranquil getaway. Located on an island with two private white sandy beaches off the Coral Sea, this beach house is also nearby Mission Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Bedarra hideaway vacation house offers the experience of an authentic getaway and offers peaceful solitude. This modern and isolated beach house provides an oasis from the world, accented by ocean breezes, sandy beaches, and tropical landscape in which to get lost. This is the world's Garden of Eden and is characterised by songbirds singing in the morning, whale watching expeditions, and spectacular sunsets over the ocean. While the house is close to some popular destinations, it is still secluded on an island shared only by six other residents, making Bedarra a hideaway for those wishing to experience the utmost of tranquil solitude. If you’re looking to incorporate a little more activity, Bedarra resort has all you need to get started. With a well-staffed facility, boat rides, and barbecuing on the beach, everything you need to have a good time is nearby.

To promote a peaceful and healing environment, our fully natural house is EcoTourism Certified and runs on solar power, and fresh spring and rain water. Bedarra Beach House provides services meant for those seeking a peaceful paradise, and it is a spectacular location, near Mission Beach and yet still secluded on beautiful Bedarra a hideaway for the ultimate getaway.