Enjoy the Day at an East Bedarra Island resort

Our Bedarra Island resort is located on the East side of Bedarra Island and has a wonderful house mananger willing to make this the best vacation of your life. At this lovely resort on Bedarra Island, we offer many different activities for day trips both on and off the shore. This resort offers kayaking, boat rides, whale watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, and more! This is the perfect retreat for those looking to unwind in our little Garden of Eden, a secluded and relaxing resort near the beach.

It is the salty sea winds, the steamy tropical scenery, and the sweet songs of morning birds which characterize Bedarra Island resort as one of the best places to reduce stress and enjoy life to its fullest. This resort will surpass expectations for those seeking a peaceful place to unwind with their favourite activity on the spectacular Bedarra Island. If you wish to experience and explore the local flora and fauna of our lush tropical rainforests we encourage you to do so. Our top notch facility has a barbecue and quick access to the beach with a charter boatg avaible this you wish to go to and from the mainlandy.

At Bedarra Beach house, we strive to provide excellent customer service and have a professional and personable house manager who is devoted to making this the holiday of your dreams. Our real life paradise offers soothing ocean views, spectacular sunsets, and stunning scenery that promote inner peace and erase the daily accumulation of stress so that one leaves our resort feeling deeply rested and fully restored.